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Its time to vote. This is a sad amount of icons...

There will be a change in this weeks voting. You will choose two icons as best over all and the most creative. It will look like this:

First Place: 67
Second Place: 45 
most creative: 96


67, 45

You MUST vote in this style.

- You must be a member to vote, one vote per member.
- An icon can be ellected for the special catigory as well as the best pver all category
- Vote for the best/most appropriate icons overall, not your favourite series/character
- Do not vote for your own icon (unless oyu think it is the best. If you do explain why to me) or feel obligated to vote for your friend's icon (That will make me mad)
- Do not use/distribute/advertise your icon during or try and pressure people's vote
- Do not create multiple fake accounts to cheat, I check IPs/account status

Good luck to the winner of this weeks challenge. I will be posting the submission for nest week so you can owrk on that while the voting goes on. The voting will end on this upcoming Friday.


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