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Submission post, EMPTY

This weeks theme is Empty. I have no real reason for chosing this theme. The icon must contain:

  •  The word empty or a variation of the word (vancant, blank, bare, clear and so on)
  •  A phrase that represents the theme (like "My glass has always been half empty.")
  •  An anime image that reflects the theme (Like a chracter who has a blank exspression upon thier face.)

Submission Rules:

- You must be a member to participate, two icons per member.
- Your icon must be anime, and relate to the theme in one way. You can use pics from games (Final Fantasy, games like that. Japanese games, kay?
- The icon must have been made by you, which is a no brainer.
- It must meet LJ requirements (100x100 and 40kb maximum, gif/jpg/png format)
- It should be a recently made icon that has been kept anonymous/secret throughout
- Do not advertise your icons during the submission week. Cheaters make Daisuke cry.
- If you use fanart or any original art you MUST credit them.
- Please credit your sources, for instance: brushes, templates, bases and lyrics.

When the icon is submitted it is to look like this:

Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Character: Utena Tenjou

If the name of the series and chracter are unknown classify them as "misc."

The submission ends this Friday. Submit under this screaned post.

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